001 // Boldly Launching into the Deep


Saturday was forecasted to have some of the "worst weather in decades". I was hanging out with a friend and we decided to go storm chasing. We made it to a nice spot to watch the weather rolled in. It was beautiful. After a while we wandered over to a pier to see if the waves would be crashing up against it. It was unbelievably windy. The bitter arctic winds were freezing. We looked at each other and contemplated going in the water (don't ask me why). It definitely wasn't the safest idea I've had. But something was drawing to the deep blue sea. Our spirit of adventure was heightened. Our senses were stimulated. The wildness of the ocean. The whistle of the wind. The taste of the sea spray. It was all happening. Everyone was rushing to their cars. It would have been wise for us to do the same... But instead we looked at each other and said "let's do it." 

We stripped down and ran to the end of the pier... pushing against the gale force winds trying to send us home. We made it to the end of the pier to the surprise of two very game fishermen. They must have thought we had lost our minds. We walked over to the edge, looked into the deep dark sea below us, grabbed each others hand, counted "1, 2, 3" and boldly launched into the deep. 

Adrenaline rushed through our veins. We felt so alive! Our smiles couldn't have been any bigger in the midst of the wild waters crashing over our heads. 

We stayed in until our entire bodies were shaking with bitter coldness... But it was truly pure joy. 

In life, we take hold of some of the most special moments when we make a decision to boldly launch into the deep. When we allow ourselves to be led by the voice inside us - not our feelings, but our compass. So don't be afraid of the storm... Don't let fear get in the way of what you really want in life. Walk over to the edge. Count to 3... And boldly launch into the deep. 

Because why not jump in with your camera as well!? 

Because why not jump in with your camera as well!? 

Cam Greenwood