002 // You're Invited


This past week I got invited into some crazy rooms. Big banks and boardrooms. Top CEO’s and high rise offices. Beautiful venues and big speaking events. It had it all. These invitations were opportunities I had to take hold off with both hands. I had to nail them. And when these opportunities occur you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know they mean business. It forces you to focus. Because you don’t want to waste the opportunity that is in front of you.

But it makes me think… why don’t we live our lives with the same sense of focus? Every morning we wake up, life is throwing us an invitation to live a life of great adventure. A life filled with passion and purpose. A life that goes so far beyond us. A meaningful life. Full of joy and spark. A life of love. 

What if we started to open our eyes to the invitations all around us? Can you see it in the sunrise? The sound of the birds? The warmth of the sun on your skin? 

Nobody turns down invitations to big opportunities.. but we all have times where we turn down the invitation to live of life of great adventure.

It looks different for everyone. But I think we can all relate to those days where we just float through life with no purpose in the steps we’re taking. 

So know that you’re invited. I'm invited. We are all invited. Every day. Each morning we wake up. There’s a new adventure to be lived. And what a ride it will be. 

My favourite kind of adventure...

My favourite kind of adventure...

Cam Greenwood