003 // Embrace Uncertainty


This past week was full of uncertainty. I had to make some really tough decisions. Calls that I didn't really want to make for a number of reasons. But ultimately, it was because they lead to an uncertain path forward. 

I'm lead by peace in my soul. I had a peace about these decisions. But that didn't take away the fact that it was drawing me out of my comfort zone. I could feel my courageous, adventurous spirit colliding with fear. It was scary. I had to go all in and trust the decisions I was making. It was scary yet exciting. Like launching off a cliff. Letting go of control and hoping you land safely. I felt the fear... but it was beautifully followed by love.

I'm constantly learning that in life, some of our most beautiful adventures are full of uncertainty. They're full of risk. They aren't comfortable. And most of the time we can't see the beauty emerging until much later on. So embrace uncertainty. The adventure of it. The scary moments. The exciting ones. The sweaty palms and the racing heart. Let go of control. Go all in. Trust. And always be moving forward. 

Cam Greenwood