004 // Don't Take the Bait!


This year has been a real grind in my business world. It’s been tough. And I’ve been challenged every day to get better and overcome the obstacles standing in my way.

Last week, I hit a real low point. I was feeling exhausted. I still hadn’t recovered from a trip to Kenya and it started to effect me mentally as well. I started having moments where fear and negativity would flood my mind. “What if this goes wrong”.. “What if this doesn’t work out”.. “What if I lost it all”.. It really bared down on me.

Then, all of a sudden, in the midst of my worry, the phone rang. I answered and was quite surprised by the opportunity that was presented to me. I was flattered. And it sounded like a great opportunity and I was going to be able to do it on the side of running my business and speaking. I felt a sense of safety in this opportunity. It eased some of things I was worrying about. But then, all of a sudden, I felt like a woke up from whatever state I was in, and the voice inside me kindly shot four powerful words into the depths of my soul…

“Don’t take the bait!”

I stopped the conversation immediately, told the negative thoughts in my head to rack off and dived into my tasks determined as ever.

I learnt a powerful lesson that day. I learnt that:
When we’re adventuring towards the world we imagine, we will often find ourselves in places that we never desired. We find ourselves called into the uncomfortable. And the negative powers of this world will try to bait us out of the things we were created to create by baiting us with compromise. 

This is how we will see our dreams diminish: just one compromise at a time. The opportunity that was presented in front of me wasn’t going to stop me moving towards where I want to go. But it was compromising my walk. And making a habit of compromise is the quickest way to settling into a life of ‘typical’. 

So if you feel like you’ve been spending time in the dirt, believe that you will spring forth a harvest soon. This season is preparing you for your next season. This place is preparing you for the next place. 

Learn to listen to the voice deep within you. Don’t take the bait. Never compromise. Make a stand for the things you’re fighting for. For the future you’re fighting for. Rise to the top wherever you go. Overcome whatever life throws at you. See it through. You’re on the right path. 

Cam Greenwood