Let me tell you a bit about this photo. I was standing on the edge of one of the tallest cliffs I had ever been on. I looked down below to the sound of the ocean roaring as the waves crashed up against the cliff. I took a big, deep breath, counted to three and took one massive leap out towards the ocean. While I was in mid air (pictured), I could see all the dangers in front of me but all I could do was trust the leap of faith I had made and enjoy the thrill.

I have found that it is in these moments, the moments in life where you step out beyond the edge - beyond your limits, beyond your constraints, beyond your experience, beyond your comfort zone etc. - is a moment that has brought me more growth, more progress and more innovation than any other moment in my life. 

My story has been one of stepping out, even when everything around me has screamed, “step back!” But after an accumulation of different leaps of faith, my brand, Monsta Surf, now has a thriving presence across the world with customers in over 45 countries.

It’s been in these moments where I have had to step out beyond “the edge”, that has led me to find my faith which I am so grateful for. And facing these different edges has sharpened my character. It has transformed my former insecure and fearful self into the bold and confident leader I never thought I would become. 

Lately, I have just been waking up so excited for life. And one of the reasons is because I am standing on the greatest edge I’ve ever been on. We’ve been through some really difficult times as a brand and have faced some massive challenges which I can’t wait to share with our tribe soon. But these difficult times have sharpened us and caused us to adapt, grow and innovate towards a greater purpose and a greater future. 

Through this process, I have learnt that all the limitations we face are just the beginning of any innovation. Because I believe innovation is more about mindset and perspective over anything else. 

If you want to see your vision come to life you will need to learn to develop a mindset and a faith that allows you to step out, even when the world tells you to step back.

Because we all face this moment in time:


It’s the moment when we are on the edge, the edge of our comfort zone, the edge of our experience, the edge of our budget, the edge of our abilities, the edge of our knowledge, the list goes on and on. And the world loves to tell us that we don’t belong past this edge: “Our dreams are too big, we don’t have the experience, it just won’t work.”

I’ve faced this edge over and over again on my journey. And there have been countless number of times where I have just wanted to run the complete opposite way. But I’ve learnt that there is something beautiful about deeply knowing the right voice to listen to, God’s voice, the Holy Spirit, trusting him and taking a leap of faith. 

Because what usually comes from the leap of faith ends up being your competitive advantage, your edge - the sharpened side of the blade God has created you and your passions to be. The sharpened blade that will cut deep into culture and be a light to the world. 

So what crazy idea do you have? What problem are you trying to solve? What edge are you facing?

We all have a choice when we come to the edge:
We can choose to stay on the side of safety, or we can choose to step out and take a leap of faith towards the purpose God has for us - allowing the adventure to shape and sharpen our ideas and most importantly, who we are in Christ. 

I’m convinced:  The future awaits those who are bold enough to step out even when the world says, “step back!”

So what will you choose?

Cam Greenwood