Living For A Purpose

Everybody has a purpose. Your life has a meaning. How the heck do you find what that is though? I had no idea - I was just living my life day by day and seeing how things would turn out…to some degree I still feel like this in many ways but I am definitely challenged to think bigger.

I think for me the first real moment I felt a sense of purpose was when I travelled to Kenya. This was back in 2012. I was with my girlfriend Erin on a missions trip with Go Beyond All Borders - a non for profit organisation that exists to make a difference worldwide, particularly to work alongside and work for the people in our world that are less fortunate. 

At the time, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and I did feel quite confused about my future. When we arrived at the Huruma Childrens Home in the Ngong Hills of Kenya, Erin and I were surrounded by a sea of kids who opened there hearts up to us, hugging us and holding us as we got off the bus. I will never forget that moment. 

You see the majority of these kids are orphans under the care of Mama, an incredible woman that runs Huruma Childrens Home that feeds hundreds of kids daily, provides education, puts a roof over their head and assists families in the community who need help (unfortunately this is most of them). So to see these children, who literally have nothing - who may have one set of clothes and eat one meal a day, it challenged me. They were so happy. They were full of joy and energy. Although they had little, and faced many challenges, they seemed to have so much peace in their heart and were grateful for what they did have. 

It made me think about the things I thought were problems in my life. It may me think about what really matters and it certainly changed my perspective on what was important, really, and how truly blessed I am. 

I went to the home to be a blessing, but found my own life was transformed by those wonderful children. Through their love, they taught me that life is all about connecting with people and being a part of something greater than just yourself. This realisation sparked a fire inside me to see Monsta Surf grow and to turn it from my hobby into a business which is able to give back and helped the less fortunate. 

I have heard Caz Holmes, founder of Go Beyond All Borders, say on many occasions “Once you have seen, you’re responsible.” 

For me, this means I have a responsibility to keep striving to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Monsta Surf allows me to do this through our Foundation. 

Last year, I was back at the home hanging out with the kids while sponsoring the development of a fish farm for the children’s home. The farm now holds 4,000 fish which is providing the orphanage a huge supply of protein to feed the children. This was all funded through every individual purchase of our clothing and surfboards in the year of 2014. 

To be able to see first hand the impact that this has had at the orphanage has been incredible. I am so proud of our tribe of followers that continue to spread the Monsta love and contribute to life changing projects like the Fish Farm through every purchase they make with us. For me - seeing this impact validates why I do what I do and why I have worked so hard to see the vision I have for the brand come to life. 

Another side of the brand that I am extremely proud of is our social impact. Monsta exists to encourage passionate living and my vision for the brand is to use Monsta as a platform to positively influence the world. I am so passionate about inspiring people to live passionately and to live a life without limits. That is my purpose and my why. 

Life is so much more fulfilling when you understand what your purpose is. I believe that deep, deep down, we all have a purpose for our life.

What is your purpose? What is the vision that you have for your life? Well I can’t even begin to tell you the answer - you’ll have to find out for yourself. But can I encourage you to embrace life with everything you have - take the time to dream, take the time to think about others around you and the difference that you can make in this world. Take the time to live passionately. 



Cam Greenwood