What's your vision for your life?

“Without vision, the people perish.”

I came across this phrase last year and it has stuck with me for quite some time. Since the very start of my venture - when Erin first drew the original ‘Monsta Surfboards’ logo - I had a dream to see Monsta grow into an international brand and being used as a platform to positively influence the world.

This inspired me to do what I do everyday and has helped pull me through the tough times that every business owner faces in the first few years of start up. Without this vision for my life and the brand, my dream and my passion would have perished… Which in a sense would have perished my soul. Because how draining is a life without passion!? So I guess the phrase is true… At least in my life!

The importance of having a vision is definitely something that has become more and more evidentin these past two years of business. With growth comes increased stress, less time and more problems to solve. Without a goal at the end of the road, I would have become so overwhelmed by the challenges and I am sure my business or my life would not be where it is today.

My vision has helped me break away from my fears and my insecurities and it is constantly challenging me to become greater in life. It is inspiring me to keep pushing forward in order to see my dream turn into reality.

I want to be able to inspire people to live passionately and live a life without limits. I’m not religious, but I do aspire to be the kind of person Jesus was. He was the ultimate disruptor. He hung out with the people that society looked down upon today and loved them for who they were. His heart for people influenced and changed the world. Plus, he definitely would have shredded in the surf!

At the end of the day, I believe that life is about connecting with one and other and doing what makes us come alive… That to me is a life worth living and that is my vision. 

Monsta has allowed me live out this lifestyle by being able to talk to thousands and thousands of people and using the brand as a platform to positively influence the world. I am so proud of how far it has come and am inspired to see my dream continue to come to life.

What’s your vision for your life? Drop me a line here and let me know!

Talk soon,



P.S. Loving it here in Indo, how sick is this frame from todays session with @haydenoneill!

Cam Greenwood