The Importance of Team

In my first few years of starting up Monsta Surf, I suffered from having the desire to steer the ship by myself and taking things head on with no support or advice. I was the heart and sole of the brand and felt like nobody else really understood my vision like I did. And to an extent, this was true, but controlling everything made it so difficult to grow the brand and I was getting really burnt out.

I’ve had to learn to let go and inspire others to adopt the same passion I have for the vision. I’ve since brought together a team of like-minded people which has helped me steer the brand in the right direction and make the vision come to life.

Creating a team that works well together, and has the same passions and desires for the brand as I did wasn't easy. But it has played a crucial role in getting things off the ground and the growth of my business.

At Monsta, we have quite a unique team. 

Our ambassadors have played a major role in getting the word out on social media and into their respective communities. I am actually with quite a few of them in Indonesia at the moment. James Page, Tarnea Omeara, Joanana Brebner and Elliot Gray have been staying with Hayden Oneill and myself as we shoot the new summer range campaigns here. I also have my good mates Regan Grimwood, Ethan Brabham, Ben Stephens and Paul Spirli here helping out and having a whole heap of fun… What a team!

The crew in the office help run the day to day operations and keep things moving smoothly. Currently I have Ethan doing the orders and managing the stock, my legend of a friend Natalie Carusi designing some really cool future womens ranges, a few other guys helping out here and there and my amazing mother, Lyn helping out wherever it is needed - from customer service to managing accounts. I am also looking at bringing on a few full timers to help expand the vision in the near future.

I have a small group of respected individuals who have been in my shoes before and help me through the challenges of running a business. My main mentor, Fi Bendall, has been giving my the confidence to believe in myself and go for the crazy vision I have for Monsta. I always leave meeting with her feeling inspired to see myself and the brand become something greater.

Outside of that, I have family and friends who I can always rely on for advice, support or even just to chat about things. My parents and my brother and sister have been amazing throughout these first few years helping me start things up and always being there for support. My girlfriend Erin actually drew the original ‘Monsta Surfboards’ logo and was instrumental in the start up and is continually there for me and I can really switch off and take my mind off business when I am with her. My mates are always there to be a helping hand or even to just to hang out and chill. Without their support and their willingness to get behind the brand I would not be where I am today. The original ‘Monsta Crew’ was just comprised of my good buddies - Regan, Kyle, Rod, Jacko and myself. The extra efforts from people like my mate Grant has helped me dive into new areas and given me confidence in new ideas like this blog.

Just like a sporting team, each of these individuals have different roles that help keep the ship sailing in the right direction. Without them, the growth I have seen over the last few years would have been non existent and I would have ran myself into the ground through the chaos of this crazy adventure. 

What’s the one thing in your life that seems too overwhelming to control? Are you trying to do it alone? Yes, it is very possible for to build your dream by yourself… But think about the possibilities of having more than one of you making that dream happen. I know I am personally looking to bring on board two to three equally skilled and passionate people to help my vision continue to grow. The potential for success will be so much higher and the ride will also be a lot more enjoyable.

How can you create a winning team that will rally behind your vision and strive to make it come to life?

Talk soon!


Cam Greenwood