How to Stay Motivated in Life // Part One

Starting anything new in life is exhilarating and exciting. But after the thrill of starting your new venture is gone, the daily challenges and struggles make it hard to keep striving forward and it is easy to lose the motivation that got you started.

I absolutely love what I do, and owning my own lifestyle business definitely has its benefits, but it has been such a grind to get where I am today and it has been a crazy adventure full of ups and downs. The daily challenges make it easy to lose motivation and get pulled off track. In order to keep taking life head on, I have to constantly remind myself why I decided to put myself out there and start Monsta Surf.

Over the next five days, I will give you my five tips to staying motivated in life. For today, let's start with why...

  1. Determine your why

What is your passion, your vision for your life and your why? You must have a real reason to succeed in your life. Something beyond “making money”, you need a true meaning behind what you do.

I define my success by the difference that I can make, rather than money. If my definition of success was caught up in money first and my vision second, I would not feel as though I’m being successful and it would be easy to lose motivation in what I’m doing.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow as I will post about tapping into the energy of what makes you come alive...


Cam Greenwood