How to Stay Motivated in Life // Part Four

Unplug & Balance

This is something that I have had to learn the hard way. Running my own business has meant that I have been invested into it all of the time. It is with me wherever I go and it is always on my mind. Always investing into the brand has helped it push through the tough times, but overworking myself has increased stress and caused me to lose focus and become rundown and uninspired in the past - which has ultimately taken a toll on both my life and my business.

This is something I am still getting better at but I do now make time for myself to unplug, hang out with family and friends, go for a surf and get away - even if its just camping down at the beach for a night. Forcing myself to go offline, detaching myself from my business, getting a good sleep, making time for exercise and even - ahhh! - turning my phone off (thanks Erin) gives my mind time to rest, recharge and be ready to live the life I am pursuing.

I have also found that taking the time to get away from the chaos has been a great strategy for coming up with new plans, working on new ideas and staying motivated in life.

How can you unplug yourself? Make time for yourself, your family and your friends - ALWAYS!

Everyone needs a break!

Taking some time out last week in Indo //

Taking some time out last week in Indo //

Keep an eye out for my final tip on how to stay motivated in life tomorrow!


Cam Greenwood