How To Stay Motivated In Life // Part Five

Reflect & Reframe

You can't control your circumstances, but you can control how you respond to them. 

Taking the path less travelled is full of stress fuelled by our own worries and perceptions. The daily grind, the negative people and a lack of focus makes it so easy to get pulled off track. Don’t waist energy worrying about things as your energy is one of your most important assets in your big picture plan. Take the time to reflect and put things in perspective. Stay positive and remind yourself of all the things that are going right when everything seems to be going wrong. The more you think about the negative thoughts, the more power you will give them over your life.

Take the time to be still and just breathe. As silly as it sounds, you’ll find yourself much calmer afterwards and it will allow you to let go of the negative thoughts consuming your mind that harm your motivation for the next challenge.

"Sit still and just breathe."

"Sit still and just breathe."

In order to stay motivated in life, you will need to navigate through a challenging path filled with daily stress that can result in a loss of focus and motivation.

By taking the time to determine your why, tapping into what makes you come alive, setting challenging yet realistic goals, unplugging and finding balance and reflecting and reframing your perspective, you will ensure that you stay motivated and focused. You will have the energy needed to take the next step as you travel along the exiting path of a life without limits.

I challenge you to implement these five steps into your own life...

Get that fire burning!


Cam Greenwood