My time is a little unclear! // Guest post by Kyle Adnam

High school is on the brink of extinction and the real world is around a small corner of exams, parties, valedictorians and farewells. We already know emotions and stress are tiptoeing into the minds of every teenager in this stage of their journey.

Journey is a perfect word for here, now and then.
It's not what you have done in this month but your movements which follow that will put a smile over the past 12 years.

In my final year of school I got a high 70's ATAR, which is commonly respected throughout Victoria, for a guy who spent most weekends playing basketball or at Torquay wearing two wetties to avoid losing my fingers to hypothermia. I have friends who were throttling at the thought of being a fully qualified electrician and turned out being invested into a teaching degree. Mates who didn't receive year 12 results because their commodore proved more imperative, nevertheless became sales reps for large scale companies. Other peers enjoyed year 12 and finished with a big number result and now work some of the most incredible occupations.

Some have travelled the world, heard amazing stories and have pigeon- holed memories only some of would have dreamed of. And finally, a mate of mine (Cam) couldn't wait to have an office, wear a tie and become a sports physiotherapist, however, his ambitions were high and in fact has his own office, doesn't wear shoes very often and owns an impressive thing we now know as Monsta.

So whatever your passions, pursue them. Endeavour to reach the best results in all aspects of your youth. Live like the ultimate grommet for these next few months.

Searching for what makes you happy extends way past the textbooks of year 12. I have found a part of it in sport and this is just the beginning. This will be a huge part of creating separation between mediocrity and true excellence in your next few years.

Start searching.....

Kyle doing what he does best with Melbourne United in the NBL.

Kyle doing what he does best with Melbourne United in the NBL.

Cam Greenwood