When it comes to success there is only so much I can do on my own. People that are gifted in different areas than me, that have other strengths, can encourage me to persist and move forward and make my life so much more successful and enjoyable.

I've mentioned previously about creating a team, and the different roles people play in that team. Today I want to unpack a bit more the importance of being connected in a community. What is a community? Community is a group of people who live in the same place or have a particular characteristic or interest in common. It could look like a sporting club, a group of mates, your workplace, your school...there are so many forums in which you can connect with people.

Why do I think community is so important? I'm not just talking about teamwork again - it's not based around business success or trying to achieve a certain outcome, it's based on like-minded people that can make me a better person.

I am connected in many groups. I have different networks of friends and it means so much to me to feel a part of something bigger than myself.

It's great when I can come alongside people who just encourage me to be a better version of myself. 

Recently, I heard someone say this: "AWAKENED hearts, AWAKEN hearts". Just think about that for a second... To break it down- I take that as:

People with AWAKENED hearts // 

[Someone that is fully awake- in this reference their hearts are fully alive and have been awakened, it’s already happening, they are living a life without limits]

AWAKEN hearts//

[Referencing the impact they have in other people, to encourage and uplift or inspire]

That kind of blows my mind... It's everything I stand for. To inspire people to live a life without limits, a life of passion without boundaries. 

Being a part of a community helps me to keep in touch with what really matters- it gives me the opportunity to encourage others and have others encourage me and inspire me to be bigger.

I hope that after reading these words you are inspired to make a change in the lives of people around you, to spread your own message and be an inspiration. What could you do to make a difference in someone else's life today? It doesn't have to be big- the smallest things can have a huge impact.

I've often heard it said "we are not created to be in isolation". This is so true. Together, we can be so much greater. Can I challenge you to think about this...what are you a part of that is bigger than yourself? Where can you get involved? 

You never know how your actions may influence someone - take the plunge today to see change in your community. 

Don’t be scared of the deep end!


Cam Greenwood