Time to build your tribe!

When it comes to success there is only so much I can do on my own. I have built a strong tribe of inspiring people and friends in my life. They inspire me and give me the motivation needed to keep striving forward and make this journey I am on a lot less lonely.

Being a part of something greater than myself inspires me to do what I do everyday. It gives me the opportunity to inspire and encourage people and allows me to feed off the passion and energy of other members of the tribe. The thing I love most about my business would have to be the raving ‘Monsta Surf Tribe’. It has been such a blessing (and a huge responsibility) to lead the community I have created and this has also been a massive incentive for me to become a better human being. 

I believe that deep down, every one of us has a desire to give our lives to something greater than ourselves. Building your tribe will do this for you. A tribe of passionate and loyal members can take your idea and use it to positively influence the world. Just as it has for me. 

So how can you actually create a tribe to rally behind your vision? Here are 5 guiding thoughts from my experience building the Monsta Tribe...

Determine your vision.

Create an inspiring vision that comes from your passion. It needs to be something greater than you, something that will attract a tribe.

My vision for the ‘Monsta Surf Tribe’ is to empower a community that inspires and positively influences the world. A community that promotes a life of passion…

Create something around a shared passion or purpose

What are you passionate about? What does your heart beat for? Create your tribe around this and turn it into a shared purpose.

The Monsta tribe started from my passion for surfing… And it has grown into a raving community of passionate people who are inspired to make a difference in this world.

Without this shared passion and purpose, my business would be nothing more than a job. It would be a journey with no purpose behind it. 

Stay personal and get everyone involved

Everyone wants to be heard. Be personal with your tribe, get to know people individually and allow participation. Why? Because it makes the community closer and stronger. It empowers individual members and allows them to be involved in the movement.

I love hearing from those who have joined our tribe at Monsta. Getting to know them personally and hearing their story’s inspires me and what I do. We are constantly reposting our tribes stories and adventures. On Instagram, #monstasurf is filled with photos from the people who love and represent the Monsta Surf Tribe. These vital members do the important grassroots work of getting the ‘Monsta love’ out into the world.

Inspire and motivate

I genuinely love inspiring people and motivating them. As a future tribe leader, I believe you will have the responsibility to instill confidence into your community. By stepping out and showing the world what you have to say, it empowers others to be exactly who they are. This will help create a strong community that is authentic and that moves toward something bigger than the tribe itself.

Create a culture

Your vision will fade away without the continual momentum and progression towards the goal. In order to keep your tribe thriving and growing, you need to build a strong culture that is deeply rooted in the vision. 

One of the most fulfilling parts of my journey has been seeing the culture of the ‘Monsta Tribe’ grow into something that aims to inspire and positively influence the world. Seeing fellow members who I may not have met, understand the vision and promote it in their communities has been truly humbling. Coming across inspiring posts on social media from people using our #livepassionately tag validates my vision for the tribe and gives me the strength to keep progressing forward. This is the culture that is embedded in the community and I value it as one of the brands most valuable assets. 

I want to encourage you to start creating your own tribe. I want you to understand that you have the potential to have a big influence. Start small - what does your community look like at the moment? Who will give you the strength to live a life without limits and inspire you to become something greater than yourself?

You have a story that the world needs to hear… It’s time to build your tribe!

Some of my tribe ambassadors with me in Indo...

Some of my tribe ambassadors with me in Indo...

Cam Greenwood