Pursue Your Purpose //

What are you pursuing in life?

What are the desires that are on your heart?

Never underestimate the power of these passions.

My desire to inspire people to live passionately frames the way I live my life.

It helps position me for the ‘big picture’ and gives me clarity when making tough decisions about life, my business and the direction it’s going.

I have been really blessed over these past few years in that I have achieved much of what I have gone for.

I believe that this is because of something really important that I have understood and followed throughout the adventure of my young adulthood:

All of my pursuits have lined up with my purpose.

When the desires of your heart are linked to a purpose, you will remain strong and confident through the tough times and the world will find it hard to draw you away.

Understand what frames your desires and what could potentially draw you away from the big picture.

If you live your life sold out to the thoughts and ideas that the world tells you, your life won't go where you want it to go.

I wouldn't be where I am today or enjoying the life I live now if I had listened to all the noise out there.

Listen to the sound of your soul.

Start pursuing your purpose.

You can do this…


Cam Greenwood