How to Navigate Through Cross-Roads //

Life is made up of decisions. Big decisions, small decisions, important life decisions and less important daily decisions.

So how can you go about making the right decisions? Is there a way of finding the best option?

The answer is no. This is really tough but it is so hard to know what option to choose with some decisions.

Take heart in understanding that in all of your decisions you will always end up with an experience to learn from. You may find success in the decision, or it may be a lesson learned.

Either way, if you begin to learn from your decisions you always will get something out of choices - regardless of whether it is a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ outcome.

My point is this:

Don’t pull all the weight of the world on your decisions.

In the big picture nothing really matters as long as you are learning and moving forward.

Stop sweating over the things that don’t matter!

Too many people are crippled by thoughts of what could have been if they chose a ‘different option.’

Thinking about the endless options of things that you could have done will keep you from progressing and drain the life out of you.

Become confident in your decisions.

Whatever you choose will get you somewhere.

Learn from that place…

And then keep striving towards the bigger picture.


Photo: Sean Dwyer

Photo: Sean Dwyer

Cam Greenwood