Stay Hungry //

How badly do you want to achieve your dream?

How fiercely do you desire to stand on top of that mountain you are facing?

You have an advantage over your competition that you can control.

And you have it already. It’s sitting there inside you… It’s your work ethic.

If you are hungry to see your vision come to life, you have to really give it your all. If you don’t you’ll come up short.

My personal success with my business has been influenced by lots of things - passion, people, resources, skills, time… But none of these things would have allowed me to get where I am today if I didn't ‘stay hungry’ and work hard towards my vision.

I do work very hard and I owe a large part of that to my parents. Not only did my dad set an example growing up of a good work ethic with his business, my parents also gave up their time to allow me to work hard on my passions growing up - whether it be taking me to basketball training or driving to me to the beach so I could learn to surf - it helped instil an understanding of what it takes to achieve your goals in me… So thank you parents.

I do want to encourage you to apply your work ethic advantage to your life, but also understand that working all day isn't as effective as working harder and smarter for shorter periods.

Take the time to relax and live your life… But when it’s time to work, work hard!

Don't be lazy.

In whatever you do, “do it with all your heart.”

Be hungrier than your competition.

You have the advantage…


Cam Greenwood