How to Stay the Course

I talk a lot about having a vision for your life. Having a clear picture of what you want to achieve and allowing the dreams in your heart to become a reality.

I talk a lot about living a passionate life, one without limits, without fear.

I talk a lot about being strong in yourself and the power of positive self talk and surrounding yourself with the right people.

With all being said - how do we stay the course?

There are great intentions to be structured, to get rest, to do things that "top me up".

There are great intentions to be planned, build my capacity and focus on the "top priorities".

Then life happens.

So much to think about… Relationships, Family, Work, Passions, Finances...

It's easy to get distracted in what's happening in the moment.

It's easy to be thrown when you have to deal with conflict.

It's easy to do the things that "please" you at the time.

But what's the big picture? What's going to be of benefit in the long run?

I believe to stay the course is to protect the vision.

Mean what you say, and say what you mean.

Resolve conflict quickly.

Make time for relationships.

Remember to be grateful and show people you appreciate them.

Be generous. With your time, your words and your resources. 

Keep a good work-life balance to do the things that make you come alive.

Have some structure and balance.

Make time for exercise and stay healthy.

Make time for rest.

Make time for you!

Think about the big picture and how your actions relate to it.

AND... enjoy the journey, every step of the way.

Photo by my buddy, Sean Dwyer.

Photo by my buddy, Sean Dwyer.

Cam Greenwood