The Inside Scoop on Cam Greenwood

So... My name is Grant Cameron and being the Operations Manager for Monsta Surf, Cam's speaking engagements and travel, I spend a lot of time around Cam - we not only work together but he is a good friend of mine!

Being his Birthday weekend and all I thought it was time to hijack his blog for a moment and tell you what he is really like and what happens behind the scenes. Some of you might be thinking I've hacked his blog and will give you dirt, rather, this is a time to give credit where it's due and say the things that he wouldn't tell you himself (because he is too humble)!!!

If you have read any of Cam's blogs, viewed his website content, watched a video or seen a post on Instagram you'll know that everything he does is geared around the same LIVE PASSIONATELY

You'll often come across a blog on motivation, leadership or steps to success in building a brand. Four years on, Monsta Surf is much more than a hobby - it's a thriving brand with global reach and community impact. I am particularly proud to be on board and part of the team because the brand has a bigger vision that goes well beyond clothing & surfboards. I'll back Cam 100% in anything he does and here is why:


Cam is one of the hardest working people I know. The truth is, i tease him all the time because he hates structure and really doesn't like when I put things in the calendar or send follow up emails! BUT... as far as running a business, networking, marketing, promoting, creating designs, speaking in schools, coaching other young business startup's and making time for others - he just never stops! This is a lifestyle business, not 9-5 weekdays and the work (and fun) just never stops.


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Second best isn't good enough. When it comes to designing, creating, coming up with visuals for campaigns or preparing a message for a school - it always has to be the very best. This is never about proving himself but it's all about giving value for money and ensuring the quality of the product is always world class.


Cliff Jump.jpg

You can't call yourself the 'Chief of Passion' and not be passionate. This bleeds into every single area of his life - including Acai bowls!



What you see is what you get! He has integrity, he is honest and can be trusted, he makes time for personal development, he is humble, he speaks well of others and has a genuine care for the people around him and those in need. Cam is one of those people who has the ability to change the atmosphere in the room just by being in it! I tease him for being a "celebrity" but the fact is - everyone loves him! If you don't, well, then you don't know him.



Three months into 2016 and there is enough vision for the brand that we could almost do with another handful of staff. The vision goes further than just growing in sales - it is about changing the lives of others. Just checkout any forms of social media or website that Cam is connected to and you'll catch some of this real quick!

Why am I saying all of this - because I will get a pay rise soon!? HAHA - NO! I believe it's important to give honour where it's due and often people will ask me -  either friends, students in Q&A sessions at schools or people over social media - "What is Cam really like". Well, celebrating his birthday right across Monsta this weekend it's a great opportunity for me to tell you just that!

Despite what people think - Cam isn't always off having a latte, smashing an Acai bowl, exploring the world or going for a surf - he is working hard to develop himself, to deliver the BEST product available and to inspire people to live a LIFE OF PASSION. 

I'm privileged to be a part of this journey and I hope that you continue to connect with us through this website & Monsta Surf. As it has with Cam - it starts with YOU! You have the ability to change the environment around you and to make a difference. What are you doing with your time?

Cam & Myself on one of our work trips... Always good times!

Cam & Myself on one of our work trips... Always good times!

Cam Greenwood