Thank You Kobe

Today, my childhood hero Kobe Bryant ended his final game in a storybook ending.

As I eagerly watched the game, so many memories from my childhood came to me and I realised how much inspiration and lessons I had received from watching Kobe (twice in real life & countless hours on TV) throughout my life. 

Here are 5 things Kobe Bryant lived and breathed that has allowed him to achieve greatness and has helped me become who I am today:

  1. Believe in yourself & chase your dreams:
    Kobe declared for the NBA draft when he was just 17 years old and always played with a confidence and a belief that he was the greatest player in the world.
  2. Work hard & love the process:
    There are so many crazy stories about Kobe's insane work ethic... Like waking up 4am for three hour workouts the night after a win where everyone else was content with their performances. It is because of this relentless determination that he will go down as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He truly loved the process of climbing to the top and this allowed Kobe to enjoy the ride, instead of just the destination.
  3. Limits only exist in our minds:
    Kobe showed that if you have the will to achieve something, and you put in the time and energy, it will happen.
  4. If Everybody Likes You, You're Doing Something Wrong:
    "Kobe Sucks" ... A familiar chant to Kobe at away games. He had the ability to ignore the haters and keep striving towards his goal.
  5. Be a true leader:
    In winning 5 NBA championships, and being one of the greatest players of all time, Kobe had to be a successful leader. He was the person to tell you that you have something in between your teeth, instead of avoiding telling you. He also taught me that being a successful leader means that people won't always get along with you. He was a true leader and one to turn uncomfortable, needed conversations into successful interactions.

I remember watching Kobe play in Phoenix when I was 14 and it was one of the highlights of my childhood. I remember catching eyes with him a couple of hours before the game and that moment will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

Watching him has taught me so much about passion, and having a competitive will  to succeed in life.

So to Kobe, my hero… Thank you for all the memories.

Cam Greenwood