Find Your Tribe

Life is a constant journey of discovering yourself.

Everyone is searching to find themselves.

We travel, we try new things and we learn.

And in amongst the waves, we find ourselves. 

We start to understand who we are and where we want to go.

We start pursuing our passions and start believing that there is more for us.

We start to draw close to those with similar interests and values.

We find those in the world that believe the same things we do.

We find our tribe!

This tribe keeps our head above the waves when everyone around us doubts our dreams and passions.

This tribe inspires us to keep moving forward, every step of the journey.

You see, as we grow older, we are pushed to conform.

To say yes to things we don't believe, to give up on our dreams and quit.

We are all on different journeys in our lives.

We don't all believe the same things.

But you have a tribe out there that sees the world like you do.

They will help you develop the person within you that you worked so hard to discover.

Search for this tribe.

Keep them close to your heart.

And in every moment, keep pursuing your passions.

Some of the #monstasurftribe. Join us here:

Some of the #monstasurftribe. Join us here:

Cam Greenwood