Whats your one big crazy dream?

I want you to have an incredible vision for your life.

When I dream about what I want to achieve, I often think of really out there ideas. Most would call me crazy. I believe in having a vision for your life that is so far out there that most people wouldn't believe it.

You know what I want to do? I want to impact millions of people by inspiring them to live without limits, dream without fear and to live passionately in every moment.

This drives me to keep striving forward, hustling away to all hours of the night grinding through my to-do list.

For me, living a life without limits is all about taking risks, putting yourself out there and pursuing your passions while striving for greatness.

I have always been a dreamer. When I was a kid, I really believed that I could do anything. I was always setting my sights on the moon. I wanted to be an NBA star, a spy, an AFL player, a world champion surfer, a founder of an influential brand… The list goes on!

I would never question how possible these dreams were, how realistic they were, whether one could juggle this many goals, let alone what anyone else would think of it!

I want this child like faith to stay in my soul til the day I die. Because I know that if I stopped to worry about the chances of achieving any of my dreams, I would not be living the life of passion that I am so blessed to experience today. And I want to recapture this for anyone who is reading this.

If you want to see your dreams become reality, put it all on the line and chase after it with an unstoppable intensity. When people's lives are on the line they tend to succeed. Most of us give ourselves an easy option out, that's why we don't achieve what we want.

If you avoid stepping out into the unknown, you won’t be able to achieve anything that isn't already known to you.

If my journey chasing my dreams with Monsta Surf over these past 4 years can tell you anything it would be this:

There’s something epic about living your life with a crazy dream that is so much bigger than you.

And there’s so much beauty in letting this dream consume you.

Because you might just make this dream a reality.

And the rest will be history…

So what does this mean for you?

I want to challenge you to recapture those dreams you had when you were a child. Rediscover that child like faith and set yourself one big insane goal. One incredible idea that will sound crazy to most people. Just one. Can be personal or professional. Let this vision guide you through the darkness as you step out into the unknown. 

As you pursue this dream that you are so passionate about, you bring an unstoppable intensity and confidence into your life… And you give yourself a chance at making it become a reality.

If it doesn't work out, life moves on and you’ll be able to look back and smile at the incredible journey you had.

And if you succeed, you’ll be a world changer!

What’s your one big crazy dream?

Cam Greenwood