How to Live the Life You’ve Been Searching For

“Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself. So live the life you imagined.” — Henry David Thoreau

What do you believe is available for you and your life?

Do you believe that you can make incredible things happen?

Do you really believe that you can chase and achieve your dreams?

Despite all the voices around you telling you that you’re crazy and to follow the conventional path, can you listen to that sound deep inside you telling you to keep pursuing what you’re passionate about?

These voices we hear are just a reflection of the world and the traditional rules we have learnt to follow.

They are sounds of insecurity, sounds of fear and sounds of disappointment.

Don’t let these voices derail your momentum and your hope for a life lived on purpose.

Don’t fear the unknown, embrace it!

If you’re going to make a mark on this world a live a life that you’re truly passionate about, you must be able to step out and commit to the unknown road.

Opportunities are everywhere. You really can create the life of your dreams.

We’re living in the most open and technologically advanced time in history.

There is an incredible amount of freedom available for those who pursue it.

The constrains that have held people back in the past have been limited.

I believe that the biggest constrain to living the life of your dreams right now is in your head.

I see so many young people stuck in a box in which they’re confined to.

They don’t believe that they can have the life they want.

They believe that if their life is to change, something externally will make it happen.

Their happiness depends on achieving things… But when they do, they are never satisfied.

I believe that if you are going to live a life that you truly love, you need to open your eyes to the majesty of this incredible world and allow yourself to be absolutely blown away and consumed by the beauty of it all.

You need to make it a habit to be grateful for the smallest of things.

You need to be humbled that you even get the chance to live on this amazing earth!

Every moment is incredible when you really think about.

We have nothing to complain about.

I know for me, no matter what happens, I’m just super grateful that I’ve been placed on this earth for a reason and I’m so happy to be here.

I think our culture has got into a habit of thinking too small.

We need to aim well beyond what we’re capable of.

We need to have a crazy vision and chase it with everything we have to make it become our reality.

We need to feel the fear and do it anyway.

We need to find comfort and thrive on stepping out into the unknown.

We need to develop a spirit of ambiguity and optimism.

We need to not be phased when faced with uncertainty…

But rather thrive on it.

We need to have the self belief and confidence that we will figure it all out. 

We need to learn how to learn. 

We need to pray that we’ll find our way…

And to never give up when we face stormy waters. 

We need to listen to the voice inside us.

We need to rise up to all we can be.

We need to commit to the unknown road.

We need to believe that we can do this!

And if you really do believe, identify the one thing you can start doing today that will move you closer to your dreams.

Focus on that one thing.

Put yourself out there and never stop learning.

Once you learn the first step, learn how to do the next.

Develop that spirit of self belief, ambiguity and optimism.

It will help you keep going when you face road blocks.

Believe that you will be guided along the way.

Because you absolutely will.

I’m a massive believer in listening to that voice inside you, your spirit.

God, destiny, your gut, life, your soul, whatever you call it… Listen to it.

The more you listen out for it, the more it will light your path for you.

So stay true to this voice. 

Let it become your compass.

And in every moment, believe that you can do this.


Cam Greenwood