The Edge //

The edge is only a limitation when we neglect our imagination.

If we are going to live without limits, we need to be consumed by our passions and let them flow over the edge.

When we allow our imagination and passions to run wild, we are able to fulfil our purpose and experience incredible springs of life.

We are open to all beauty around us and realise that we really can create the life our dreams.

There is no point being an eagle if you never leave the nest.

Nothing great ever takes place without a big scary risk being involved.

And nothing worthwhile is ever going to be easy.

Every one of us will face our challenges and things that make us afraid.

We need to have the courage to take them on, because the truth is that inside every single one of us lies the capability to overcome our fears.

Chasing after our dreams is an adventure that only begins when we take the leap.

So embrace the adventure.

Fall in love with your imagination and use it create your future.

And listen to that sound deep inside you.

It is telling you that you were born to fly.

So spread your wings and soar.

Love this shot I took with my DJI ‪#‎phantom4‬ at the ‪#‎MinyonFalls‬ after an incredible hike yesterday.

This photo speaks to me so much.

My imagination runs wild looking at it.

There is so many possibilities when we leave ‘the edge’.

What do you think?

Cam Greenwood