Your First Five Steps

A common question that I am getting every day from aspiring young entrepreneurs: How do I start?

Starting a business is hard. No doubt about it. It takes an incredible amount of hard work and direction. I believe that the world needs more young people dreaming of businesses that don’t exist yet in order to push this world forward. If you’re reading this and this is you - I want to give you as much resources as possible in order to make your dreams become a reality.

I know what it takes to make it past the first few years in the trenches. If I could go back to when I was dreaming out loud with my pen and paper at 18 years old and give myself a bit of advice about how to start chasing my dreams, these are the five tips I’d start with:

  1. What’s Your Why?
    Starting a business isn't as dreamy as it looks. You will encounter many roadblocks along the way so if you’re not super passionate about the WHY behind your business you will get overwhelmed, burnt out and find it tough to see it through. Every great brand has a message they stand behind. And this world needs more people who have come alive by their enthusiasm for life. So define your why and create your business around that.
  2. Build Your Tribe
    Building a Tribe behind your brand makes it much bigger and powerful than you. Create your brand around a shared interest or passion and use this as a common talking point to share with those who are like minded.
    On the front line, build a team of those who believe in your vision and are willing to help make it become a reality. Listen to their thoughts and ideas, celebrate small victories, and understand that they are helping you more than you are helping them in order to create a winning relationship. Become a caster of vision and always let your team know what the next 2 steps look like. Create excitement and buzz around the future.
  3. Utilise the Power of Social Media
    The beauty of living in this day and age is that we have incredible tools literally in the palms of our hands. I have built my business off the backing of Instagram and Facebook. By building a tribe like following, Monsta soon gained momentum and helped us share the stories we were born to tell. Creating an Instagram account is an awesome way to start dreaming of where you want to take your idea. Just start posting content that relates to your idea and that you’re passionate about. Be transparent with those following you, engage with them, tell them your about your dreams and passions. If you open up and take them along for the ride you’ll create a loyal tribe that will take your vision to places you can’t reach.
  4. Be Excellent in All Areas as a Business
    Are you building a business or a toy? Create world class products and understand that the business needs to be excellent in all areas in order to succeed. Recognise your weaknesses and create a winning team with those who excel where you don't.
  5. Learn How to Sell Your Vision
    You can make the most amazing product in the world and have an incredible vision, but if you can't sell it, whats the point? Cash is vital in order to succeed. So if you can't sell your vision in order to bring cash in, you won’t make it become a reality. Bare your soul to the world, share your story. 

Evaluate where you are with each of these 5 points. Self audit and practice the art of self awareness daily.

Prepare yourself for challenges.

And never lose sight of what's ahead.

Cam Greenwood