Slow It Down

My life has been running at a ridiculous pace lately. I’ve been sprinting through life, rushing through things just trying to get to the end of a task before jumping into the next one.

My mind is always buzzing with new ideas, new strategies, new dreams and new visions.
I’m always running when I could walk. Always trying to make the absolute most of every second.

And if I’m honest - it’s pretty exhausting and quite draining.

I think as life moves on, we tend to do this more and more. Technology and the internet has enabled us to consume so much information every minute of our waking lives. This advancement brings pressure to utilise the convenience and speed of our phones and use it as much as we can.

My biggest goal right now for me is to slow it down. I don’t want to be rushing through life. I value time as one my most important commodities in my life, so I don’t want to be throwing it away and not appreciating the moment I’m living in.

I’ve started making some changes. I deactivated my personal Facebook account. I am only using my phone for business purposes and limiting the times I am on there for personal use. When I experience something I love like an incredible sunrise, I am really stopping to appreciate that moment. When I am engaging with people, I’m stopping to engage in meaningful conversations and not just surface level banter.

I’m making a real effort to see the beauty in every passing moment.

From the outside, it would seem that this is not helping me be more productive in my life. But I have been surprised at how much more efficient and effective I have been. By allowing time for myself in the morning to stop, reflect and appreciate the simple things - I have found that my eyes have been constantly wide open to the beauty around me - which has inspired me to create amazing work and to not rush through each task and experience in life.

I want to encourage you to try slow it down as well. Spend less time on your phone and in front of a screen. Stop and appreciate the little things. Have a meaningful conversation with the next person you meet. Take a breath and relax. And treat every passing moment like the special offer that it really is. 

'Slowing It Down' in the rain last week.

'Slowing It Down' in the rain last week.

Cam Greenwood