Create Your Own Line

I’ve always found it so important in my life to enjoy each moment along the journey that I’ve been on and not just waiting to be fulfilled further down the line.
The path I am chasing in my life may not be for everyone, but I hope it encourages you to choose & create your own line in life. 
We live in an extremely noisy world. There are voices and pressures coming at us from all angles. But these voices we hear are just a reflection of the world and the traditional rules we have learnt to follow.
They are sounds of insecurity, sounds of fear and sounds of disappointment. Don’t let these voices derail your momentum and your hope for a life lived on purpose.
Let go and just listen to the one voice that truly matters in your life - the voice deep inside you.
Believe that this voice will guide you along the way.
Because it absolutely will.
God, destiny, your gut, life, your soul, whatever you call it… Listen to it.
The more you listen out for it, the more it will light your path for you.
So stay true to this voice.
Let it become your compass.
And in every moment, choose gratitude & enjoy the ride.

Cam Greenwood