Stay Hungry

The difference between gaining momentum and standing still in life is how hungry you are to see your vision come to pass. 
I believe that everyone of us has a fighting spirit within us and a desire to create a better future for not just our lives but for those around us.
I love that more and more today, our youth are wanting to make an impact in this world. This army of world changers are rising up and they are hungry to see their dreams come true.
This hunger is driving them. It has become their why. The reason they wake up each and every day.
This is the same hunger that has driven me to create the life I am pursuing today. The hunger that makes me lie awake with ideas and dreams running through my head. The hunger that has breathed the @monstasurftribe into existence.
This hunger becomes our unfair advantage in life. It helps us block the noise of the naysayers and those who love to tell us that we're wasting our time. This hunger is our biggest advocate and motivator. It challenges us to improve each and every day. To become world class.
I love that I can be apart of a movement of young people who are passionate about making this world a better place. 
And I want to encourage you all to stay hungry in this pursuit.
To reflect and understand your why - the reason you get out of bed. 
To develop a desire to create the future that you want.
To keep improving. 
To create an unstoppable momentum behind you.
To move others forward with you.
To keep challenging the status quo.
To take risks.
To push boundaries. 
And to ultimately stay hungry while you become the world changer that you were born to be.

Cam Greenwood