Take Control & Move Forward

Something I have been really focusing on lately is taking back the control against the waves of life. Adjusting the sails on my mind, my energy, my schedule, my thoughts and most importantly my soul. 

We live in an extremely noisy world. Most of us are on our phones constantly throughout the day. We have lost the meaning of truly being still and being present in our worlds. This is why our days, weeks, months & years feel like they are just getting faster and faster. 

We have learnt to expect quick results and instant gratification and that our problems can be solved with minimal effort. We have lost real patience and the meaning of real hard work. I believe that these culture changes have caused a shift in peoples minds. It has caused us to lose control of our lives and has introduced negative vibes towards things that wasn't such a big issue when we were running around in sand pits and building lego masterpieces. 

I am not saying that you don't have negative things in your life. Everyone has real problems and real hurt in their worlds. But you have to monitor the words that others and yourself about your world. Because if you’re using negative language and introducing negative vibes into your environment, you'll only be focused on the negatives. And if you give negative vibes, you’ll attract a negative life. 

I am so grateful that I am naturally wired as a dreamer and an optimist. Ever since my childhood, I have always been dreaming of what amazing things can happen. Not what could go wrong. And I am constantly challenging myself to see the best in bad situations, to choose optimism and believe for the best even when all seems lost. To give people the benefit of the doubt, even when my brain is telling me otherwise. 

I believe that we all need to take some time to stop, reflect and adjust our lives just a little. That’s what growing is all about. And ultimately we need to take back the control in our lives. 

As my platform has grown, my life has got a little crazy to say the least. And as my life, business and platform has grown, so has some real problems and real stress and my life has become incredibly noisy and overwhelming at times.

I have had to learn to find my own voice and to listen to the anchor deep down in the depths of my soul. And I’m learning to ignore any negative vibes I come across - and being strict and firm about it. I use to be a massive people pleaser - and yes that is still at my core but if I don’t draw a line in the sand I know I won’t be able to achieve the things I have been placed on this earth to do. 

Negativity or confrontation that has no value, is a deal breaker for me. If it’s not valid, if it’s completely meaningless, I have no time for it.

If you allow negativity into your life, you won’t have the mental energy or capacity to reach the things you’re aiming for in life. Set some boundaries in your own life. Set yourself the tasks that you wish to pursue. And then don't let yourself or anyone else walk over you and introduce negativity into your world. Respect yourself enough to puff out your chest and let them go. Ignore that stupid text. Ignore those who squash your plans. Stop giving your energy to that person who only kills your vibe. But give them grace - for their negativity is coming from there negative mind set. And you and your life is destined for bigger, more positive things.

Encourage your inner circle to care only about the things that really matter. Be fair, be empathetic and then move on. Seriously. Keep moving.

If it’s not moving you forward leave it behind you. Don’t allow anything to hold you back or pull you down from the clouds. Keep soaring. Take control and move forward.

Took this photo of my good mates Jordy Merry & Elliot Gray in the Philippines.  Take control against the waves of your world... Just like Jordy pictured here.

Took this photo of my good mates Jordy Merry & Elliot Gray in the Philippines.

Take control against the waves of your world... Just like Jordy pictured here.

Cam Greenwood