I left it behind me...

I remember when I started out. I was so fearful. I cared so much about what people thought. I feared rejection. I feared not being good enough or cool enough. I was insecure and I worried about the smallest of things.

But I knew if I wanted to create the future I imagined I had to leave it all behind me.

And step by step, moment by moment, I started to leave fears behind. I started leaving insecurity behind. I started leaving negativity behind.

And I started feeling lighter. I started walking a little bolder. I started climbing my mountains more freely.

And it started to develop a boldness inside myself. An unshakeable confidence to step out into the wild and face anything that would come my way!

I started becoming the person I never thought I would become...

What do you need to leave behind to go deeper into your own adventure?

Iceland, 2017

Iceland, 2017

Cam Greenwood