I believe our imagination is one of our greatest strengths. The ability to imagine something that doesn’t exist yet and imagine it as it could be is incredibly powerful.

On this trip, I was overawed when I first came across this waterfall. It was absolutely stunning in the morning light. But my imagination wandered. I couldn’t help but imagine how crazy it would be to see this beautiful location under the Northern Lights. One night, I drove two hours to hopefully make this dream a reality. I arrived only to find a dark storm cloud roll over the top of the waterfall, blocking out any potential of seeing the lights. On the Saturday night before I left, I saw that the sky was clear. I planned to trek back to this waterfall again to hopefully capture the image that was in my imagination. I arrived and the sky was clear… but there was no aurora’s. Moments later the sky started to dance! As I was framing up my shot, I went back to my imagination. I wanted to get the lights reflecting off the river coming from the waterfall. I noticed that in order to achieve this I was going to have to get my feet wet and walk through the icy cold waters to take the photo from the middle of the stream. It seemed a little over the top. I mean, at the end of the day it is just a photo and there was a lot of risk involved. I could have slipped on the icy rocks, broken my camera, got frost bite in my toes, not get the shot I imagined and suffer from the looks of the other photographers there.

But if there is something I have learnt about our imaginations it is this:

When we have a powerful image in our minds of the future we imagine, it compels us to do wild things to transform our current reality into the future we imagine.

I believe our imagination is central to our existence. It is what makes us so beautifully unique.

I also believe we are all artists in our own way. We have all been created out of love and created to create.

So what’s the picture in your imagination? What is the future you can see? What are you creating?

Imagine the possibilities!

Cam Greenwood