Staying Calm In the Midst of Chaos

The world we live in is so loud and chaotic. We are surrounded by voices everywhere. Our culture is so busy. We are constantly inundated with noise. There is so much happening. So much going on. We are all rushing one place to the next. One thing to another.

I’ve talked a little about slowing down. About shutting out the noise. And I try to live that out as best I can in my life… But what I’m also realising is that we can’t fully control the pace of our lives. At least that seems true in my life. 

I’m always looking forward to two or three weeks time when my calendar is less hectic… Then I get there and it’s even more hectic than the weeks prior. It’s just how my life is right now. And I think for a lot of you, it’s the same. It’s the world we are living in today. 

I don’t want to feel like I’m living a fast and busy life. It’s hectic. It’s stressful. It burns you out. But what I am learning is that even if the outside of our lives looks stressful and chaotic, we can learn to be calm and peaceful on the inside. We can live from a place of rest and not stress. 

I think that learning to have a quiet and peaceful soul is one of the biggest needs in the world right now. 

Possibly one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt in my life occurred when I travelled to the Huruma Childrens Home in Kenya in 2012. I went there to be a blessing. I thought I was going to help these kids that had so little compared to me. But those kids were the real blessing to me. They taught me that life is actually quite simple, we just complicate it. They had an incredible inner peace and had such calm, peaceful and joyful souls. They understood something so fundamental to our existence as human beings. Something that so many of us here in the western world struggle to ever find:

The importance of calm soul. 

They simply lived within their means. And they lived from that place of peace and rest. Since that trip I have always wanted to go through life with that same peace and joy that overflowed at the Huruma Childrens Home. 

Which brings me to my life right now, where I have more going on then I ever have. There's so many big, crazy dreams in my heart. And I’m living my life passionately pursuing those dreams. It’s absolute chaos to say the least. I have so much faith that the things in my heart will come to pass. But even if they do, I would rather have a legacy that isn't based around an empire being built, the things we achieved or the stories we told… But a legacy of love for people, love for life and love for the one who created me. A legacy that overflows from a calm, joyful and peaceful soul.

So how can we learn to live from this peaceful place of rest? 

  1. Breathe.
    Remember to breathe in. To breathe is to inhale life! What a blessing that is. Never forget that. Remind yourself every morning.
  2. Think, Talk & Learn to Feel Positive. 
    Have some positive affirmations in your soul that you can recall in times of stress and anxiety. Declarations of faith and positivity. 
  3. Develop a Faith & a Deeply Rooted Understanding That Things Always Turn Out Okay.
    Believe it. In every situation. Know it in your soul. Let it rule your life. 
  4. Lift Your Eyes. 
    Allow your heart to focus on how you can add value to the world each and every day. Live from the place where your passions meet the worlds needs. When all else fails in your life, find a way to help someone else.
  5. Understand the Power of Perspective.
    The perspective that there is always someone out there that needs your help. And that can start with the person next to you.
  6. Spread love.
    Unconditionally! Let your life be a beautiful image of it. 

Reflect on your own life. Do you value having a calm and quiet soul? Are you seeking it out in your life? 

There is always going to be moments where we feel like we can’t keep up. Like it’s all crashing down. Like we’re being rag dolled by the waves all around us. But let’s start being intentional about quieting our soul. About discovering the simple truths in life. And staying calm in the midst of chaos.

Shot of my brother @ jamess_pagee  I took last year in the Philippines. Talk about calm in the midst of chaos!

Shot of my brother @jamess_pagee I took last year in the Philippines. Talk about calm in the midst of chaos!

Cam Greenwood