This afternoon, I went to one of my favourite spots to watch the sun go down and have some solitude. It was super windy and stormy. I wasn’t expecting the light to get through the storm clouds but I brought my camera because I like to think I’m an optimist.  As I sat here I thought about all that’s going on in my world and the world around me. I thought about fear. I thought about how it’s so easy to listen to the lies it tells us. I thought about how consumes so many of us. And as the clouds rolled in I thought about how it’s so easy to get lost in the storm. And as the light dropped I thought about how the world is becoming darker and darker, with fear ruling our world.

Then all of a sudden, the sun bursted through the clouds! I was filled with joy. Filled with awe and wonder. I felt like a kid. It made me think about the times when we are most alive. The times when nothing can get in the way of our dreams. I thought about how these moments are filled with spark. A spark that is bursting out of us! Just like the sun in front of me. And I realised that we all have this spark. And that together, our spark will bring change to the darkness. It will fight the storm. It will fight against fear! We don't need weapons or hate. Just our spark. Our love. Because light extinguishes darkness.

So never lose your spark. No matter how dark the storm is. Keep shining bright. Keep dreaming big! Keep being passionate! Never forget how special life actually is. Never lose that child-like wonder! Never settle down, walk with your spark and bring light to the darkness wherever you go.


Cam Greenwood