Clarity: the quality of being clear

Clarity: the quality of being clear

Over the past few months, I have had a deep desire to really clarify my personal ‘why’ and ultimately my business' purpose and future direction.

I’ve been planning and dreaming for what’s to come. And to be honest, I felt unclear for quite some time. I was distracted by too many opportunities. Too many paths we could walk down. Don’t get me wrong, I feel so blessed to be even in that position but it was really frustrating me. And because I didn't clearly know the direction I wanted to take our team, I was lacking the commitment to get started.

I was also being distracted by too many different pictures of what ‘success’ looks like and what our business should do and how it should look. I was looking at other incredible organisations and comparing what we do or what we could even do similar to them. I was losing focus of the race we are in. The race we were born to run. And as I’ve felt this happening within me, I’ve felt everywhere from frustration to confusion. It hasn't been the healthiest picture. 

It led me to really crave some clarity. Which has been one of the best things that has happened to me in my business career and for me personally. It has caused me to reach deep down into my soul to really find out what makes me come alive. What makes me burst with passion! I’ve gone from this place of confusion, wanting to chase many dreams and many things, to feeling a laser focus for what has been placed in our hands and I believe this focus will be one of the most defining factors for our future going forward. 

Defining this purpose made me feel unstoppable. I’ve got a spring in my step! A laser focus in my eye. And a burning passion for the tribe we wish to create. 

I now have this clear sense of direction. I have a vivid picture of the future we wish to create. I know what our values are. I know what success looks like for us. I know why we exist and how we will make it happen. And now our day to day actions are helping us move closer to this vision. And wow… It’s pretty exciting to say the least!

Discovering clarity in life is always an adventure. Sometimes it's an “aha” moment and other times are more of a journey. But it so such a blessing to become clear on something that had previously been foggy. Like a true adventurer reaching the peak and gaining a clear view of the world. 

So I encourage you to seek clarity in your life.

You’ll enjoy life more and be the best version of yourself when you have continual clarity on your purpose. 

Some keys to discovery:

  • Continually take action, just as I have been, by continually listening to your soul. 
  • Find those things that fill you with passion. That make you smile, laugh and forget about time. 
  • See life as an adventure and keep exploring. Keep searching for clarity.
  • Define. Your why. What ‘success’ looks like for you. The values you wish to live by. 
  • Reflect. On your life. The things you enjoy. The things you endure. The things that make you come alive. And the things that drain you. Let this guide you. 

And in every moment, keep a clear focus on where your soul is leading you… It always seems to know the path home. 

Cam Greenwood