Finding our Super-Human

A few years back I really desired to achieve success & status in my business career... I would dream of being listed in different publications, like the Smart Company #Smart30 Under 30.

I would look at the people listed and read about their journeys. They sounded like super-humans! 

As I went deeper into my adventure, my desires started to change. I started to only want to succeed at the things that really matter in life. In the things that last.

Which is why my latest 'achievement' made me laugh a little... I am super honoured to be named in the 2018 Smart Company #Smart30 Under 30... but I'm glad I can accept it with a deeper understanding of where my value really lies and what my identity is found in. 

And now I know, we all have a little bit of super-human in us. And when we live in step with the passion that sets our soul on fire, day after day, we too can confound our once placed limits.

Thanks to all of you @monstasurf tribe for making cool things happen always! 

Pesa 2018 (2).JPG
Cam Greenwood