“I’ve been incredibly blessed to share my story across schools, universities, leadership and business events, youth conferences and camps, to thousands and thousands of people.
There’s nothing more I love doing than sharing what I’ve learnt from this adventure I’m on to help others step into their own life of adventure.”


Keep moving

"The story of a kid from Melbourne, Australia, with a steely resolve to just ‘Keep Moving’ on his adventurous pursuit towards the world he imagines. In 2012, at just 18 years of age, Cam crafted a surfboard in his backyard which ignited a passion to chase his dream of creating the 'Monsta Surf' brand. Later that year, Cam travelled to Kenya his outlook on life and the world radically changed. He realised there was so much more behind his dreams to create a surf brand. Cam decided to fearlessly follow his passions, dropping out of uni to create the brand he imagined. Monsta has since developed into a global tribe with a customers in over 40 countries, but Cam is most proud of the positive influence the brand has had through its #livepassionately movement and the Monsta Foundation, which has been utilised to fund life changing projects throughout Kenya and South East Asia. As Cam shares his story and 5 keys to going deeper into the adventure of your life, you will leave feeling inspired to walk with purpose towards the world you imagine.”

Key themes: Setting your compass - Discovering your WHY - Purpose: What does the world need that your passions and talents can provide? - Finding freedom from fear and insecurity - Leaving negativity behind you - Courage: Stepping out into the wild - Confidence: Walking with power - Navigating the storms of life - Persistence: how to keep moving forward in life - Becoming the pioneer of your future



“Most of us live our lives as drifters. We drift through life with no sense of direction or purpose. Your Passion - Your Purpose - Your Adventure is a talk that sparks desire in the hearts of Cam’s audience. Cam asks a bold question: What do you want? He explains how so many of us are not living the life we imagined because we never imagined the life we wanted to live. As Cam shares his story, you will discover three keys to start living your life with passion and purpose: 

  1. Your passion: The fire that lights you up inside, giving you the spark the world needs. 
  2. Your purpose: The world’s needs: The need that your passion and talents can serve.
  3. Your adventure: The journey where your passions and talents collide with the world’s need. The place where you will truly begin to live.

Dream, risk, create: turning Imagination into reality

“Dream, Risk, Create is a story of turning imagination into reality. Cam has always been a dreamer. Throughout his adventure, he has turned his imagination into reality by taking massive risks in order to create a better world. Cam's passion for creating beautiful imagery has lead his Monsta Surf brand to becoming known for their world class story telling abilities, which lead to the production of the Live Passionately film. As Cam shares his adventures, lessons and insights, he will awaken the childlike wonder inside you, empowering you to see the beauty all around you, re-capture that child like imagination and create the beautiful future you imagine.”

Key themes:  Creativity - Humans create futures - We were born to create - Creating margin for your imagination - Vision - Taking risks - The importance of childlike wonder - Creating the future you imagine

Lead with love

From a dream to a global brand, this realisation hasn't been achieved overnight, Cam has learnt to lead a global tribe on an adventure of ups and downs, big decisions and leaps of faith to develop Monsta into a thriving movement across more than 40 countries. Lead With Love is the story of human connection. Cam shares his thoughts on how we can lead by first loving our followers for who they are, not for what they can do for us. Cam will build on this foundation to show how this connection will help build a passionate tribe around your vision. Cam will leave you with his keys to growing as a leader and becoming someone the world wants to follow. Encouraging you to paint a picture of the future and take your tribe on the adventure of a lifetime.

Key themes: Leadership - Leading with Love: the key to connection - Vision: painting a picture of the future - Building your tribe - The importance of an infinite vision - Blazing trails - Becoming a leader the world WANTS to follow



"Developing the character & ability to discover the joy of the adventure where your passions and talents collide with your purpose. Cam's workshop features face-to-face learning while implementing the principles from Cam’s inspiring ‘My Adventure Notes’ workbook that contains thought-provoking questions and space to write the vision for the life you imagine. The workbook is a beautiful gift that your audience can cherish and go back to throughout their own ‘adventure’."


Presentation types:

1. On Campus

Let me come to you!
This is my most popular option. It’s a great way to engage both large and small groups - be it a school assembly, entire class or a team building session. I tailor my message to suit your audience.

2. Live Online Presentation

I can deliver a live session via Skype or Google Hangouts no matter your location! My presentations vary from 30 - 60 minutes and can include interactive activities with the audience and my personal favourite time - Q&A. I can also send you engaging material which the students can follow during the presentation.



Got a question, idea or event you'd love me to speak at?

 I'm thrilled!

The best way to enquire about my speaking is to email cam@camgreenwood.com via the form below.


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Cam is a nationally recognised speaker, speciallising in inspirational, motivational, leadership, creativtity, social trends, health & lifestyle and innovation keynote presentations and talks. 

"Cam Greenwood is a truly inspirational speaker whose personal story and approach to life resonates with the youth of today. Cam delivered an influential and inspirational 1 hour talk to Prince Alfred College students which captured their hearts and minds. Cam’s determination to follow his own dreams helped our boys understand the virtues and character qualities required to achieve goals in life, despite setbacks. Similarly, Cam’s generosity of spirit to those less fortunate in the world brought a global perspective to his talk and joined together his core values on business stewardship, sustainability and charity support. Cam’s principles and core values sit respectfully within any school setting and his love of life and adventure motivates us all to move forward and embrace each day. His well-designed balance of spoken word and well-crafted film making make the audience experience interactive and engaging. I would recommend Cam to any school which is searching for a genuine presenter whom through humility, grace and sincerity, can share his passion for life and his commitment to personal integrity."
- Scott Parker, Year Level Coordinator, Prince Alfred College

“What an absolute inspiration this fella is! Being aware of Cam’s work and the ideology behind Monsta, we asked Cam to come and present to our Year 12 leaders about a few different ideas, including leadership and pursuing passion; we could not have hoped for more. Cam speaks with such passion and authenticity – his message is not one that is fabricated for image, or simply window dressing. It is obvious that he speaks from the heart, with a genuine desire to spread the ideas that we all should invest in our passion, work towards achieving the goals that we set, and assist those less fortunate that ourselves along the way. It was our pleasure to host Cam, and we cannot wait to work with him again in the coming future.”
- Dominic Linossier, Head of Middle School (City Campus), Haileybury

"At yLead we search high and low to find relevant and relatable speakers for young leaders across Australia. This year we were incredibly lucky to connect with Cam Greenwood! Cam is a young person doing incredible things. Through his authentic ‘surfy and down to earth’ approach he has a gift to deliver stories and help people to realise the importance of following passion! Thanks Cam for making us laugh, smile and feel something through your presentation. Can’t wait to have you back again!"
- Belinda Yorston, YLead Australia

"It was a delight to have Cam Greenwood present his story and two of his workshops to our Year 10 cohort.  The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing Cam’s Monsta Surf story – both the victories and the struggles – and came away feeling inspired.  Some key words that students used to describe the session were ‘relevant’, ‘engaging’ and ‘motivating’.  They loved to hear a success story from someone so young and found the workshop activities helped them to hone in on their own talents, goals and desires.  The visual footage of Cam's adventures held their interest throughout the afternoon.  The ways in which local communities have benefitted from the Monsta Foundation encouraged everyone to continue to ‘dream big’ and to become more excited about the possibilities for their own futures and the impact that they can have, as an individual, on the world.  We look forward to having Cam share again in the future."
- Nicole Latham, Year 10 Coordinator, Oxley Christian College

"Lilydale Heights College is a fully inclusive learning community which enables students to become lifelong learnersand confident global citizen. This core purpose is underpinned by three core values of Excellence, Respect and Responsibility. In support of this vision the College invited Cam to present to the Year 9 – 12 cohort.  Cam was instantly able to connect with the students and quickly established a mood of mutual respect and understanding. His message was relevant, focussed, strong,  deliberate and empowering. Feedback from students, staff and the parent community has been overwhelming positive and the students are asking for “more, more, more”. Thank you Cam for your time and for inspiring to inspire others."
Rosina Fotia, Principal, Lilydale Heights College

"Year 9 Emmaus College students were totally mesmerised by this incredibly passionate, young and gracious guest speaker Cam Greenwood.  Cam delighted students with his candid and honest reflection of the Monsta journey. The students were inspired to hear about the inception of the brand, challenges overcome and the positive force that Monsta has become. Cam delivered his talk with authentic happiness, empowering words and true passion, that is an accurate reflection of who he is. It is very refreshing for students to learn about a business that thrives on the meaningful values of love, equality and social justice. Cam empowered students to believe in themselves, be adventurous, pursue learning and to build a positive spirit by giving back to others. We had the pleasure of Cam’s presence at Emmaus but his positive and inspiring message goes way beyond the 50 min talk!"
- Helen Phillips, Emmaus College

"Having such a young and inspiring speaker to our year 12 cohurt about Cam's journey and what you can achieve with a good mind set as well as perserverience and the willingness to give back, allowed us students to believe you can follow your dreams and make them a reality! we have never had such a powerful speaker that left us all dead quiet throughout the speech taking every story and every piece of advice in that we could! He is was extremely motivating and it was exactly what we needed to uplift us before the exam period but also stepping into life outside school!"
- Georgia Copeland, Year 12 Student, Ringwood Secondary College

"Our kids were blown away (as was I). Feedback has been all positive from students and teachers and it really fit perfectly with and was an amazing take home message for the theme of our Yr 10 Pathways day.  Exceeded my expectations in relation to being beneficial to our students.  Inspiring, authentic and entertaining!"
- Luke, Careers / PE Teacher, Mooroolbark College

"Discovering Cam online I was instantly consumed and motivated by his resounding words of wisdom. Cam’s passion, values and aspirations ignited ambition in the audience as we were all taken on his fascinating journey, providing us with multiple resonating messages. He used his experiences and vision as a platform for inspiration on which we can all begin to build our dreams on. Cam’s zealousness towards all facets of life is expressed greatly through the manner in which he so passionately speaks. With our year level heading into exams, Cam’s presentation came at a pivotal moment in our lives but was undoubtedly something that we would carry with us as we step into the adult world. His basis of giving back makes Cam a young role model for students of all ages as he empowers our minds to chase our wildest dreams."
- Jack Ryan, Year 12 Student, PAC

"The presentation inspired me to broaden my spectrum of career paths and not have a narrow view, choosing the paths we would enjoy rather than more mainstream careers."

- Beth, Year 10 Student, Mooroolbark College

"Where do I start… Cam is such an inspiring and well-spoken man, who wants to share the passion that he has for the world. I emailed Cam to see if he would speak with my Year 10 Health and Human Development class, who were recently studying “inspiring people”. I couldn’t have asked for a better example of an inspiring role model for my year 10’s. Cam’s presentation was amazing, and had all of the students glued to him while he spoke about his life’s ambition. He was amazing in the way that he related his passion in life to the year 10’s. Cam basically put himself back into the 10’s shoes for the afternoon and built a relationship with them over a 50 minute period. Cam has lots to offer to the world and certainly through his speaking, he is someone who you would want in your life."
- Jackson Freeman, Year 10 Teacher, Mount Scopus Memorial College

"What Cam spoke about inspired me to look outside the box and to be different.  We could relate to him and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation."
- Maddie, Year 10 Student, Mooroolbark College

"Cam presented to Parkdale Secondary College senior students last year and was absolutely phenomenal.  He built a fantastic rapport with the students and was able to speak to them on their level.  His story was interesting, engaging and many students felt inspired by what they had heard.  One student was overheard saying, “I love that his life didn’t follow his original plan but was able to achieve new goals!” Cam’s presentation was extremely beneficial for our students and I look forward to having him back to inspire a few more this year."
- Carolyn Jenkins, VET/SWPL Co-ordinator, Parkdale Secondary College

"The saying goes that if you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. When Cam spoke to our middle and senior schools, this rang true. His story of embracing the wild is evidence that anything can be achieved if you have the drive, motivation and will to realise your dreams. As a year 12 student myself, it was truly invaluable to hear and see someone who has made the after-school decisions I will soon have to make, and be shown that forging your own path in life can lead to great successes with the right mindset. Thanks to Cam for sharing his inspiring story and positive energy with us."
- Angus Maynard, School Captain, Tintern


"Cam connected with a hall full of students on the second last day of term, a keynte event in Wellbeing Week. Cam also worked with staff that afternoon in their professional learning meeting and explored some of the themes he had provided for students. He came back to the importance of giving time to others and working for something larger than ourselves. It is a theme that resonates strongly in the education context, where relationships reamain fundamental to successful schools. It was an appropriate way to finish Wellbeing Week and the term and connect with the many Positive Education themes covered this semester."

- Paul Owens, Principal, Kirrawee High School


“I believe you must step out into the wild if you want go deeper into the adventure that is your life.”